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I intended this to be a website in which I could show that implementing a website that uses SQRL as a means to authenticate you, the user, without having to ask you for a name and password can be simply achieved. Asking for a name and password gives the website something you hope will be kept secret. A website breach can lead to a loss of identity when the website that tries to keep your details secret fails to and is breached.

As it is obvious that no name and password are required to access this site and it does not respond to SQRL, that objective has been amended to just providing the data you can view. The original aim has been impossible to achieve at present, although I still intend to pursue the aim.

At this point I cannot know who you are. I allow you to view the site without restriction. If you feel you have to comment on the contents the only way to do so is to send an email to me alan@alancameron.net.

Should you return for a subsequent visit I will not know you have visited before and you will remain anonymous.


The format of these images will be changing as I have installed a newer inverter plus a storage battery and it will take me some time to download all the associated data from a different source. So the data for March 2024 and subsequent months will not appear for some time.

Solar Panel Statistics

These are statistics of kWh of energy created by an array of 12 Solar PV Panels on the roof of my house. They were installed in September 2010 and have been earning, what is called a Solar Feed In payment from the UK government as a subsidy for early adopters of solar panels, and also a reduction in the energy consumed by my household from the electricity grid.

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